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GAME NO#: Number in order of the match played.
HOME/AWAY: H = Home, A = Away.
AGAINST: The team the match was played against. AU = Ayre United, BR = Braddan, CA = Castletown, CL = Colby, CR = Corinthians, DA = Douglas Athletic, DR = Douglas Royal, FO = Foxdale, GA = Governors Athletic, GY = Gymnasium, ML = Malew, MR = Marown, MU = Michael United, LA = Laxey, OB = DHSOB, ON = Onchan, PE = Peel, PU = Pulrose United, RA = Ramsey, RU = Rushen United, RY = RYCOB, SG = St. Georges, SJ = St. Johns, SM = St. Marys, UM = Union Mills.

The first column for each match represents an appearance from the start, the second column is for an appearance as a substitute.


FA Cup
Woods Cup
Hospital Cup
Junior Cup

Correct as of .


First Team



​First Team Appearance Totals

Combi Appearance Totals


Appearance Totals for both teams

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