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Mark Madsen-Mygdal Memorial Trophy





The 'Mark Madsen-Mygdal Memorial Trophy' is an annual match contested originally between the first team and combi at the end of each season, in memory of former player Mark Madsen-Mygdal. 'Mingle' tragically died on Thursday 11th July 2013, whilst racing in the Southern 100. Racing was his main sport, but he meant so much to so many people at the club.

Mark joined the club in the summer of 2011 from Foxdale, and went on to make 46 appearances for the club, scoring 2 goals, both in a 7-2 win away to Malew combi on 5/11/11. His first appearance for the club was against visiting Welsh side CPD Y Glannau, in an 8-8 friendly draw. His competitive debut came again away to Malew, in an opening day 3-1 win over Malew 1st team. Mark was a member of the first D&D squad to reach the Hospital Cup quarter finals, playing in the victories over Douglas Athletic, Castletown (our first against a top flight side) and the quarter final defeat to Union Mills. His last start for the club and the combi was a Junior Cup game away to Ayre, which ended 1-1 and our first ever combi penalty shootout, although we were defeated. Appropriately, Mingle was made captain for this match.'

MMM 1990-2013' is embroidered under the club badge on the first and combination team kits since 2013, thanks to former treasurer Mark Peberdy for part funding. This was covered by the BBC in a
video and online.

Mingle's training top, as displayed at his wake

Mark also occasionally helped out with the Juniors team, which started in 2012, and was due to go on a coaching course and join the Junior coaching setup for the 2013/14 season. He regularly attended Vets and Cowell Cup matches, such was his passion for the club. Mark was also set to be the combi manager for the forthcoming season.


Our wreath from the funeral, poem by Richard Brant

Money raised from our 2013 Race Night for the Conor Madsen-Mygdal Trust Fund

This match format began at the end of the 2007/2008 season. The cup was originally named after Enzo Ciappelli's former wine bar, 'Aperitivo', then becoming the 'Chairman's Cup' before changing to the 'Mark Madsen-Mygdal Memorial Trophy' in time for the 2013 match.

For more photos from past matches, please click on the Photo Gallery.

Overall Record


First Team 11-1 Combi

Longest Serving 3-1 Newest

#16, 2022/2023, The Bowl, 8 July 2023, Tournament
In 2023, we held a tournament between the First, Combi and a squad of Mark Madsen-Mygdal's teammates. Here are the results:

Combi 0-0 Mark Madsen-Mygdal

1st Team 2-1 Combi

1st Team: Stephen Mulhern, Sam Tipper

Combi: Sam Cubbon

1st Team 3-1 Mark Madsen-Mygdal

1st Team: Ben Hall, Sam Tipper 2

Mark Madsen-Mygdal: Steven Horner


Player of the Tournament: Sam Tipper


#15, 2021/2022, The Bowl, 9 July 2022, Longest Serving 6-5 Newest

Longest Serving
Goalscorers: Robbie Hay 3, Tony Stewart 2, Matthew Gregg

Man of the Match: Matthew Gregg


Goalscorers: Richard Radcliffe, Luke Callister, Graeme Gawne, Dom Quirk, William Gavin

Man of the Match: Joseph Waddington

Mark Madsen-Mygdal Memorial Trophy 9.7 (1).JPG

#14, 2020/2021, Springfield Road, 17 July 2021, Longest Serving 5-2 Newest

Longest Serving
Goalscorers: Graeme Gawne Own Goal, Richard Delaney, Daniel Kinley 2, Ben Hall

Man of the Match: Matthew Gregg


Goalscorers: Joseph Waddington, Daniel Playford

Man of the Match: Joseph Waddington


#13, 2019/2020, Springfield Road, 11 July 2020, First Team 11-2 Combi

First Team
Goalscorers: Luke Callister 2, Stephen Mulhern, George Reff-Butler 4, Daniel Scott, Daniel Stewart-Clague, Sam Tipper, Lewis Qualtrough

Man of the Match: George Reff-Butler


Goalscorers: Kevin Doyle, Mark Quirk

Man of the Match: Jamie Redmond


​#12, 2018/2019, Springfield Road, 29th June 2019, First Team 2-2 Combi (5-4 Penalties)
To see a video of the 2019 penalty shootout, click here.
First Team
Goalscorers: Daniel Kinley, Daniel Stewart-Clague

Penalties Scored: Stephen Mulhern, Jamie Burkitt, Daniel Stewart-Clague, Ashley Humphrey, Darren Armstrong

Penalties Missed: Joe Lewis

Man of the Match: Jamie Burkitt


Goalscorers: Ben Hall, Dave Parker

Penalties Scored: Ben Hall, Kevin Doyle, Ricki Pearson, Tony Stewart

Penalties Missed: Dave Parker, Graeme Gawne

Man of the Match: Ricki Pearson


#11, 2017/2018, Springfield Road, 10 June 2018, Longest Serving 6-2 Newest

Longest Serving
Goalscorers: Brian Tung, Jake Turner-Oliver 2, Konrad Kumor, Daniel Stewart-Clague, Daniel Kinley

Man of the Match: Jamie Redmond


Goalscorer: Joe Kennaugh, Danny Shuttleworth

Man of the Match: Dan Robson

MMM Trophy 23.6 (99).jpg

#10, 2016/2017, Springfield Road, 10 June 2017, Longest Serving 3-5 Newest

Longest Serving
Goalscorers: Daniel Stewart-Clague 3

Man of the Match: Daniel Scott


Goalscorer: Paul Gavin, Sean Jones, Owen Stewart 2, Sam Tipper

Man of the Match: Sam Tipper

MMM Trophy 10.6 (116).jpg

#9, 2015/2016, Springfield Road, 9 July 2016, First Team 9-1 Combi

First Team
Goalscorers: Robert McCowliff 4, Ben Hall, Richard Brant, Dale Kenna, Daniel Kinley, Daniel Stewart-Clague

Man of the Match: Robert McCowliff


Goalscorer: Tony Stewart (Penalty)

Man of the Match: Jamie Redmond

Mark Madsen-Mygdal Trophy 2016 (75).jpg

#8, 2014/2015, Springfield Road, 27th June 2015, First Team 11-4 Combi

First Team
Goalscorers: Daniel Stewart-Clague 3, Dave McDaid 3, Kevin Doyle 2, William Smith OG, Darren Armstrong OG, Cye Maddocks OG

Man of the Match: David McDaid


Goalscorers: Paul Surgeon, Cye Maddocks, Konrad Kumor, Ben Hall
Man of the Match: Paul Surgeon

#7, 2013/2014, Springfield Road, 14th June 2014, First Team 3-3 Combi (7-6 Penalties)
To see a video of the 2014 penalty shootout, click here.
First Team
Goalscorers: David McDaid, Daniel Stewart-Clague, Steven Horner

Penalties Scored: Steven Horner, Jamie Spicer, Daniel Stewart-Clague, Kevin Doyle, Chris Bowers, Jamie Redmond, Andrew Gosnell

Penalties Missed: David McDaid

Man of the Match: Andrew Gosnell


Goalscorers: Jake Turner-Oliver, Scott McVey, Tony Stewart

Penalties Scored: Simon Taylor, Ashley Humphrey, Tony Stewart, Scott McVey, Paul Surgeon, Christopher Brown

Penalties Missed: Jake Turner-Oliver, Cye Maddocks

Man of the Match: Scott McVey

# 6, 2012/2013, Springfield Road, 13th July 2013, First Team 5-2 Combi
First Team
Goalscorers: David McDaid 3, Konrad Kumor, Aaron Bradley

Man of the Match: Konrad Kumor


Goalscorers: Steven Horner 2
Man of the Match: Kevin Doyle

7 a side Tournament
In 2013, we held a 7 a side tournament at the NSC, 22nd June, between the First, Combi, Veterans and Cowell Cup teams. Here are the results:

Combi 1-2 Cowell Cup
Combi: Mark Madsen-Mygdal
Cowell Cup: Robbie Hay 2
MOTM: Robbie Hay (Cowell Cup)

1st Team 1-0 Vets
1st Team: Richard Brant
MOTM: Lawrence Looney (Vets)

Cowell Cup 0-0 1st Team
MOTM: Andy Courcey (1st Team)

Vets 3-0 Combi
Vets: Clive Hesketh 2, Daniel Looney
MOTM: Brian Duffy (Vets)

1st Team 4-0 Combi
1st Team: Richard Brant 2, Andrew Gosnell, Rob Jones
MOTM: Richard Brant (1st Team)

Vets 0-3 Cowell Cup
Cowell Cup: Scott McVey 2, Robbie Hay
MOTM: Scott McVey (Cowell Cup)

# 5, 2011/2012, Castletown FC, 30th June 2012, First Team 10-0 Combi
First Team

Goalscorers: Jamie Spicer 3, Rob Jones 2, Lawrence Looney, Jon Conroy, Richard Brant, John Mitchell, Michael Shimmin

Man of the Match: Rob Jones


Man of the Match: Steven Horner

# 4, 2010/2011, NSC, 18th June 2011, First Team 5-4 Combi
First Team

Goalscorers: Jon Conroy, Richard Brant 2, Craig Cowin, Adam Rosevear

Man of the Match: Kevin Doyle


Goalscorers: Enzo Ciappelli, Tony Stewart, Patrick Kerr, Konrad Kumor (Penalty)
Man of the Match: Darren Armstrong

# 3, 2009/2010, NSC, 12th June 2010, First Team 9-4 Combi
To see a video of the penalty shootout that followed the 2010 match, click here.
First Team

Goalscorers: Paul Craig 2, Chris Bowers, Lawrence Looney, Kevin Doyle 2, Scott Keable (Penalty), Richard Brant, David McDaid

Man of the Match: Scott Keable

Goalscorers: Nigel Paul 3, Mike Martin (Penalty)
Man of the Match: Marco Santos

# 2, 2008/2009, NSC, 20th June 2009, First Team 2-2 Combi (2-3 Penalties)
First Team
Goalscorers: James Beattie, James McIlhagga

Man of the Match: Ian Oldreive


Goalscorers: Danny Foster, Alastair MacLeod
Man of the Match: Nigel Hart

# 1, 2007/2008, NSC, 7th June 2008, First Team 2-1 Combi
First Team

Goalscorers: Richard Brant, Jamie Corrin

Man of the Match: Tony Stewart


Goalscorer: John Dryden Orr
Man of the Match: Juan Kinrade

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